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Targeted Advertising Catered to Your Needs
Thank you for your interest in advertising on the FreeStats network! FreeStats Web site tools and services offering is a part of the United Online Web Services, Inc. network of sites. Our properties deliver over 300 million page views per month with more than 10 million unique visitors. Currently, our properties include,,,,,, and other co-branded Web site tools solutions via

Your ads can be targeted to our loyal Webmaster audience via the logged-in Admin Area for each property or can easily be advertised via our end-user Web site pages. With plenty of partnership opportunities, advertising options, ad placements and media types, we will work hard to meet your marketing needs.

Ad Locations
We offer various media types and spot locations. If you have special advertising needs, please contact our ad sales department to find out what custom marketing options (sponsorships, e-mail marketing, etc.) may be available to you. Please note that inventory and ad types will change based on market need and some inventory may be unavailable.

Here are some examples of the primary ad spots currently available within the United Online Web Services, Inc. network:

End-User Pages
This appears at the top of every HTML page
Member Admin Area
Also known as "My Member Area". All members access this area to manage their Web sites, add site tools or check e-mail messages.
Member Login Screen
All members pass through this screen to login to their Member Area.
404 Error Page
Any time a URL is mistyped or a page removed from our system, 404 page appears with a tower ad.