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Visitor Profiles
Get important information about how your visitors are viewing and experiencing your site. This type of information will help you to know how to optimize your site to meet the needs of your visitors.

Last 100 Visitors   View detailed information about the last 100 unique visitors to your site.
Latest Visitor Detail   View a detailed visitor profile for each of your last 100 site visitors.
Browser Types   See the most common browser types and versions that are being used to view your site.
Browser Window Size   Find out what size of window visitors are viewing your site through.
Monitor Resolution   View the most common monitor resolution settings used by your visitors.
Monitor Color Depth   View the most common numbers of colors displayable on your visitors' monitors.
Language   View the most common language settings used on your visitors' browsers.
Countries   See the countries that your visitors are coming from to reach your site.
Operating Systems   View which operating systems are being used by the majority of your users.
Java/Javascript support   View the number of visitors to your site using browsers that support Java and Javascript technology.
Cookies Support   View the percentage of visitors to your site using a browser that supports cookie technology and has cookies enabled.
Timezone   See the timezones that your visitors are coming from.


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